Bronze attic helmet and silver applied harness ornaments, discovered in a princely tomb; the Geto-Dacian period; cca 350-300 BC.

Liscoteanca, "The Swamp Hillock"

cult little table decorated with excised motives; Neolithic, Boian-Giulesti Culture, 4,700 - 4,500 BC.




At present, the Archaeology Section of Braila Museum has the following specialists:

  • prof. univ. dr. Ionel Cândea

    - manager
    - expert
    - Scientific Researcher, grade I, for the Middle Ages (16th -17th centuries)
    - e-mail:
  • dr.Valeriu Sirbu

    - deputy manager
    - expert
    - Scientific Researcher, grade I, for the Iron Age (12th century BC – AD 1st century)
    - e-mail:
  • dr. Stanica Pandrea

    - section head
    - expert
    - Scientific Researcher, grade II, for the Neolithic and Eneolithic
    - e-mail:
  • drd. Mirela Vernescu, for the Bronze Age.e-mail:
  • drd. Viorel Stoian, for the Iron Age (12th century BC – AD 1st century).e-mail:
  • drd. Niculina Dinu, for the Middle Ages (6th-17th centuries). e-mail:
  • drd. Costin Croitoru, Scientific Researcher, grade III, AD 1st century, e-mail:
The other researchers contributed, to a certain extent, to the knowledge about the old history of Braila region, by means of systematic or field of archaeological research, such as: Ion T. Dragomir, Gheorghe Bichir and Petre Diaconu.
Archaeological sites: Brailita (excavations conducted by N. Hartuche, Fl. Anastasiu, I.T. Dragomir 1955-1975), Liscoteanca (excavations conducted by: N. Hartuche, Fl. Anastasiu, 1970-1975), Chiscani (excavations conducted by N. Hartuche, Fl. Anastasiu, I. Broscateanu 1961-1965), Gradistea (excavations conducted by: V. Sirbu, S. Pandrea, M. Vernescu, V. Stoian 1981-1984; 1991-1995; 2000; 2005), Insuratei (excavations conducted by: S. Pandrea, V. Sarbu, M. Neagu, M. Vernescu, N. Dinu, V. Stoian; 1995-2005), Maxineni (excavations conducted by: I. Candea 1977-1985, 1990-1993), Braila (excavations conducted by: I. Candea, N. Hartuche, Fl. Anastasiu, P. Diaconu, S. Pandrea, N. Dinu 1960-2005), etc.
Archaeological excavations conducted together with other specialists from different institutions or museums in Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine:
a) V. Sirbu worked on the following sites: Pacuiul lui Soare, Cascioarele, Coslogeni, Pietroiu and Unirea (Calarasi County), Sabangia (Tulcea County), Covasna (Covasna County), Pietroasele (Buzau County), Hunedoara (Hunedoara County), Jijila (Tulcea County) – in Romania; Giurgiulesti and Stolniceni – Republic of Moldova; Satu Nou (Novoselskoe) and Cartal (Orlovka) – Ukraine;
b) Ionel Candea led the diggings on the site of Cetatea Alba / Belgorod – Dnestrovsk – Ukraine);
c) Stanica Pandrea participated to diggings on the sites of Cascioarele, Coslogeni (Calarasi) and Pietrosu – Costesti (Buzau County) – Romania;
d) Mirela Vernescu participated to excavations at Babadag (Tulcea County) site and Coslogeni (Calarasi County) – Romania.
e) Viorel Stoian participated to excavations in Covasna (Covasna County) sites, Saharna (Republic of Moldova), Pietroasele (Buzau County) and Jijila (Tulcea County).

The results of the archaeological research were published (Cascioarele, Pietroiu, Unirea, Pietroasele, Stolniceni, Novoselskoe, Orlovka, Belgorod-Dnestrovesk) or they are in print.


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hellenistic skyphos; II century BC.