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To further enhance these accomplishments and as a consequence to the national and international tendencies of the museum studies specialised in natural sciences this Section had to be modernized.
Taking into consideration the requirements of the modern museography, a re-organisation project was put forward. This consists in a Museum Complex with a quality structure which could become a prestigious local and international landmark.
There is a need for change in the cultural climate of Braila in what the natural sciences are concerned. A Natural Sciences Museum Complex made of: a museum building with permanent and temporary exhibition rooms, an aquarium, a display of rocks, an astronomy Observatory with Planetarium, a system of artificial caves, a Botanic Garden with floral areas and greenhouses, with vegetation from different parts of the world, would offer the visitors an answer to their quest for information and beauty. Such a cultural institution, functioning as a real permanent educational centre, would enhance not only the local pride and would make its creators and constructors feel satisfied with their work, but such a complex would bring a national prestige to the city. This recognition would mean an integration into the great family of the museums of natural sciences from all over the world, due to its modern architecture and its unique features: aquaria with coral fishes, display of rocks with invertebrates fauna, a system of four artificial caves and a floral maze. We do consider that this project will actually radically change the Natural Sciences Section for the better so that this institution will be an even more important link in Braila’s cultural chain.