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GEACU S. - Ornithological observations in Moldova between the Siret and Prut rivers from 1898-1907

GEACU S. - Hunting groups and sub-groups in Brăila County

BUZEA E. - Flooded areas and their importance in maintaining biodiversity. Meadow lower Danube

ARCAN V. - The birdfauna from the Lozova marsh and its protection status (Galaţi County)

CRISTESCU M. - The exotical lepidoptera collection from the patrimony of the Natural Sciences Museum Complex Galaţi

ONEA N. - Ornithological observations in special protection area ROSPA 0077 Măxineni

ONEA N. - Contributions to knowledge of avifauna from Movila Miresii district area (Brăila County)

AVEDIC M.D., PALADE F. - Damage assessment produced by the pygmy cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmeus) in Natura 2000 site SPA Gruia-Gârla Mare

RIDICHE M.S., BOTOND J.K. - Data regarding the species of ringed birds found within the Danube’s meadow in-between Calafat and the river Jiu (Dolj  County, România)

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VIKTOR ANDREEVICH BRYLEV - Geoecological situation in the Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain, its biodiversity and the effects of Volga Hydroelectric Power Plant functioning
RUSLAN VICTOROVICH KRASNOSCHEKOV - Floodplain as one of the basic components of wetland

VLADIMIR FOMENKO and SERGEY FILIPENKO - The evaluation of the functional and ecological status of the Tiraspol section of the Dniester protection embankment

ZULFIQAR AHMAD, ALAN FRYAR, MOHSIN HAFEEZ, IFTIKHAR AHMAD and GULRAIZ AKHTER - Simulated transport of jet fuel leaking into ground water, Sindh Pakistan

VIKTOR ANDREEVICH BRYLEV and OLGA VASILIEVNA KOZINA - Volga-Akhtuba Plain. Origin, state of natural complexes, geo-environmental problems

VALERI NICOLAEVICH MASLYAEV - Lithogenic basis of Mordovian’s Landscape: geo-ecological aspect of research

VALENTINA ALEKSEEVNA GORSKAYA - The influence of the change of hydrological mode of the Gnilno Gulf on the biodiversity of Nizhniya – The Svirsky Reserve

NICOLAE ONEA - Contributions to knowledge avifauna of the Brăila Lacu Sărat Area (Brăila County, România)

RADU MOISEI - A series of aspects regarding the ecological reconstruction of forestecosystems of the Balta Mică of Brăila Natural Park (România)

ION ANDRONACHE and ANA-MARIA CIOBOTARU - Fractal analysis of certain climatic, hydrologic and geomorphologic parameters within the Balta Mică of Brăila Natural Park (România)


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SULISTIYOWATI H. , BUOT I. jr. - Integrated biodiversity valuation framework: Ecological approach

FLOREA L., STRATILĂ S.D. - The evolution of  biodiversity conservation management in România

PETRESCU I. - Redescription of Niphargus illidzensis pannonicus S. Karaman, 1950 (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from “Gaura cu muscă” cave in south-west România

LOBANOV G., NOVIKOVA M., POLYAKOVA A., KOHANKO M., TRISHKIN B.V., ZVEREVA - A.Approaches to the assessment of the channel complex forms (on the example of the upper Dnieper catchment)

EDEM D.I., UDOINYANG C.U.- Consequences of effluent discharge and seawater intrusions on soils’ nutrient pools and biological spectra in Niger Delta

PHILIPENKO S., PHILIPENKO E., FOMENKO V. - Kuchurgan storage reservoir - as one of the key component of the wetlands - of the lower portions of Dniester river

POZDNYAKOV V.A.- Self-regulation of the floodplain geosystem - dynamics with saturation

GORSKAYA V.A., BANAR S.A. - Assessment of the status of aquatic ecosystems for the community of macrophytes

VITION P. - Biodiversitatea (Annelida, Oligocheta) în diferite ecosisteme acvatice din Republica Moldova

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DOYDEE P., BUOT I. JR.- Connecting fragmented mangrove patches using biodiversity Ranong coastal landscape, Thailand
POVAR I., SPINU O. - Thermodynamic analysis of heterogeneous equilibria in natural waters
EKONG A.U., EDEM D.I. - Impacts of industrial activities on soil and vegetation:  a case study of aluminum smelting company of Nigeria (Alscon)
FOGWE Z.N. - Anthropo-environmental implications of quarrying of tropical sedimentary palaeo-sand seams of Douala estuarine metropolis, Cameroon
ETUK I.M., EDEM D.I. - Effects of leguminous tree species on soils’ nutrient status and high yield performance of Gnetum africanum intercropped
PETRESCU I. - Cyclaspis rustii n. sp. (Crustacea, Cumacea, Bodotriidae) from Jamaica, Caribbean Sea
YILDIZ E.F., GURER I. - Environmental problems of Sultansazligi Wetland and determination of surface water and groundwater relation at Sultansazligi Wetland by using environmental isotopes
KALIKHMAN A.D., KALIKHMAN T. - Special natural protected areas system: the nature conservation of Baikal region

TZIORTZIS I., KADIS K., PAPASTEGIADOU E. - Use of macrophyte assemblages for the ecological evaluation of two coastal lagoons of Greece according to WFD 2000/60/EC
USATÎI M., CREPIS O., USATÎI A., ȘAPTEFRAȚI N., DERMENJI P., USATÎI N. - Changes in species ratios from ichthyofauna and structure of their areas in the process of ecological succession of Cuciurgan reservoir

MOHAMED G.S., DOMENECH F.A. - A study on the competition between various species and strains of Artemia identified in salt lakes of Algeria
PARANINA A., PARANIN R. - Interaction of the nature and ancient persons on the coast of the White Sea
TSYBEKMITOVA G. - Ecologycal condition of the river Argun during the years 2000-2010
ARTEMOVA S., LEONOVA N. - Forest-steppe landscape organization of Eastern Europe (for example Penza Region)
BUDNIK S.V. - Creation of ecologically agrarian landscape
ARAKCHAA K., KOPYLOVA J., SMIRNOVA I., CHUPIKOVA S. - Recreational development of the natural arjaan’s complex “Choigan’s mineral waters” of the Republic of Tuva

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PHILIPENKO S. - The benthic Ponto-Caspian fauna of the Kuchurgan storage reservoir of the Moldavian Central Steam Power Station

IVANOV Ju.P. - Siberian lime as climate indicator of Alatausko-Shorsky uplands

KLYMIUK V., BARINOVA S. - Phytoplankton communities in ecological assessment of lacustrine ecosystems in the Wetland Slavyansky Resort, Ukraine

AJIN R.S., CIOBOTARU A.M., VINOD P.G.,. JACOB M.K - Forest and wildland fire risk assessment using geospatial techniques: a case study of Nemmara forest division, Kerala, India

ANISIMOVA T. - Ways of fertility increase on eroded slopes in non-chernozemic zone in Russia

SAVILLO I.A.T. - A short note: Lycogala spp. in Mangroves: an update and an introduction to Foliimortuumous myxomycetes

RAJA ALANG R.N.N., ADAM N.A., AWANG M.R - Insect composition in Sungai Chukai, Kemaman mangrove forest of Peninsular Malaysia

ZEMOGLYADCHUK K. - Dimensional structure features of the population of Succinea Putris (Gastropoda, Pulmonata)

JURJ A.M. - Characteristics of the biogeography in Roşia Montană area and its touristic value

MINAKOVA E., SHLYCHKOV A. - Distribution of nutrient load from livestock complexes in basins of the rivers of the Republic of Tatarstan’s physiographic regions

PARASCHIV V. - Peatlands in Giurgeu Depression and the reconstruction of Tardiglacial and Holocene paleolandscape

BRUSENTSOVA N., UKRAINSKIY P. - The European Beaver (Castor fiber l.) in conditions of relict swamps of the National Natural Park Slobozhanskyi

SKRYPNYK О., ANDREIEVA O. - The Dnieper river cascade of reservoirs as a main reason of biodiversity loss

BABAIAN M. - Meadow vegetation from Botna River

MARTYNYUK V. - Constructive geographical model of the lake-basin specialized recreational system (on the example of the lake Ostrivske, Ukrainian Polesia)

RUSU O., MIRON S., IACOB C.A., COSMA C.I. - The role of temperature in the process of erosion, transport and sedimentation in anthropogenically designed river courses

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FOGWE Z.N. - Topographic surface reversals around  a metropolitan fringe of Bikoko Douala (Cameroon)

ESTAFYEV A.  - Distribution, number and ecology of the Cinclus cinclus (Linnaeus 1758) in the European North of Russia      

PATEL S., DHARAIYA N. - Inventory of aquatic birds with special reference to urban and desert wetlands, North-Western Gujarat, India      

LILLO E.P., BUOT JR. I.E. - Species composition of Argao mangrove forest, Cebu, Philippines

SOLTANI S., SARHADI A., EBRAHIMI E.  - Determination of environmental water requirements of the Gavkhuni wetland, Iran: A comparison of ecological and hydrological approaches     

ROHIT P., NIKUNJ G., NISHITH D. - Impact of water quality on macrofauna abundance in mangrove ecosystem of Gulf of Kachchh     

CREPIS O., USATÎI M., USATÎI A., ȘAPTEFRAȚI N., DERMENJI P. - Structural and functional adaptations of fish populations of thermal power station cooling reservoir in the process of destructive successions of its ecosystem     

PORRAS R.E., BUOT JR. I.E.  - Profiling Lake Sebu and the indigenous community in the vicinity     

SULISTIYOWATI H., BUOT JR. I.E. - Ecological valuation tools to appraise biomass, necromass and soil organic matter in a natural forest ecosystem     

MYKITCHAK T. - Checklist and distribution of Cladocera and Copepoda (Calanoida, Cyclopoida) from the Ukrainian Carpathians     

EDEM I.D., NKEREUWEM M.E. - Spatial and temporal variability in soil properties of hydric soils in the lower Niger region     

AJIN R.S., LOGHIN A.M., VINOD P.G., JACOB M.K. - RS and GIS based forest fire risk zone mapping  in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, India     

NINA F., ION T., BULAT DU., BULAT D., UNGUREANU L. - Carassius auratus  s. lato in various types of aquatic ecosystems from the Prut River Basin     

KULIKOVA L. - Mites (Parasitiformes and Acariformes) of trees from landscape reserves of the Republic of Moldova     

AJIN R.S., LOGHIN A.M., KARKI A., VINOD P.G., JACOB M.K. - Delineation of forest fire risk zones in Thenmala Forest Division, Kollam, Kerala, India: A study using geospatial tools    

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AJIN R.S., LOGHIN A.M., VINOD P.G. and JACOB M. K. -  Mapping of forest fire risk zones in Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary, Thrissur, Kerala, India: A study using geospatial techniques

NAPALDET J. T. and BUOT Jr. I.E. - Floral diversity assessment of Balili River as potential phytoremediators

FLOREA L. - Restoration of lateral conectivity of the Romanian Dabube River, strategies and local actions

EDEM I.D. and UDO-INYANG U. C. - Water-quality problems in the ecosystem as induced by mass fluxes of phosphorus and nitrogen

TORREFIEL J. T. and BUOT JR. I.E - Weed species composition in the Riparian Zone of Molawin River, Laguna, Philippines

VICENCIO E.J.M. and BUOT Jr. I.E. - Aquatic weed flora on the southwest lakeside of Laguna De Bay

LILLO E.P. and FERNANDO E.S.  - Composition and diversity of mangrove species on Dinagat Island, Philippines

ÖKTENER A., TÜRKER D. and ALAŞ A.  - The sea of Marmara: new localıty for two calıgıds and one lernanthropıd ın Turkey

ONEA N., ZINKE P., IONESCU T., GHEORGHE D., FOLDVIK A., GJERSHAUG J.O., BRÜCKNER M., ABERLE J., NEDELCUȚ F. - Hydrological and ecological investigations for the restoration of the ecosystem complex of Fundu Mare Island

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GAMALO D.L.E. and BARIL A.J. - Effect of road to avian diversity, abundance and richness in selected rice fields along Laguna National Highway, Philippines

BESTRE C.E., LUMIQUIO M.A. and NAPALDET T.J. - Water quality assessment of major  river systems in Benguet Province, Philippines

BATANI S.R., GOMEZ JR. A.R. and NAPALDET T.J. - Indigenous knowledge and practices related to freshwater fishes, shells and other aquatic macrofauna in Benguet, Luzon, Philippines

BESTRE C.E., LUMIQUIO M.A. and NAPALDET T.J. - Fishes and shell diversity in major rivers of Benguet, Philippines

ÖKTENER A., ŞIRIN M. and ÖZER Z. - New host record for Caligus diaphanus von Nordmann, 1832 with male morphological characters from the Aegean Sea (Küçükkuyu port off) and the Sea of Marmara, Turkey

MULEI M.J., ONKWARE O.A. and OTIENO F.D. - Assessment of temporal primary production in tropical inland swamp wetlands of Uasin Gishu county, Kenya

SZÉKELY L. - The macrolepidoptera (Insecta) of the Razelm-Sinoe Lagoon Complex (Dobrogea, Romania)

TENORIO F.M. and AURELLADO M.E. - The influence of time of day and rice plant growth phases on bird assemblages in rice fields 


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MENISA A. ANTONIO AND INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR. - Redefining the concept of weeds

JONES T. NAPALDET AND INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR. - History, hydrology and ecology of Balili River, La Trinidad, Philippines

R.S. AJIN, ANA-MARIA LOGHIN, P.G. VINOD AND MATHEW K. JACOB - Flood hazard zone mapping in the tropical Achankovil River basin in Kerala: A study using remote sensing data and geographic information system

AHMET ÖKTENER AND DILEK TÜRKER - Presence of Peniculus fistula fistula and Lepeophtheirus acutus from the North Aegean Sea, Turkey


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FRETZELJANE O. OLOR-POGADO AND JULISSAH C. EVANGELIO - Survey of macrobenthic organisms associated in selected mangrove areas of Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines

JHUNEDY M. ANTONIO, MARGARETTE M. BACATE, JACKSON L. BUTAG, SHEINALENE M. LADOAN, GINA D. VICENTE AND JONES T. NAPALDET - Vascular plant diversity in Benguet State University La Trinidad Main Campus, Philippines: A status report and a database to support the attainment of sustainable development

EUNICE ADA B. ORDINARIO, CRISELDA P. FRANCISCO, CZELINA LOREN DC. ILAGAN AND DIANE SHIELA C. CASTILLO - Assessment of avifauna in Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines: An agro-ecotourism site diversity

NINA FULGA, LAURENŢIA UNGUREANU, ION TODERAȘ, DUMITRU BULAT, DENIS BULAT, MARTA ANATOL AND NADEJDA RAILEAN - Biological and morpho-phisiological characteristics of Bighead Goby Ponticola kessleri females (Günter 1861) from the Lower Dniester

INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR. - Status, issues and concerns of mangrove ecosystems: Rethinking the role of the University in crafting a sustainable management and conservation strategy

AHMET ÖKTENER AND ABDULKADIR ÜNAL - Infestation of Fish Louse, Argulus foliaceus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Crustacea: Branchiura) on Rainbow Trout Farm in Manyas Dam Lake, Turkey

JONES T. NAPALDET AND INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR. - Lead and mercury uptake in dominant macrophytes of Balili River, Benguet, Philippines


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NEAL VINCENT L. FERNANDO, DIANE SHIELA C. CASTILLO, JELLY ANNE OBRA, VIRGINIA M. VENTURINA, JENNIFER LEPTING AND PAUL HENRIC P. GOJO CRUZ - Diversity of a highly variable landscape: The herpetofauna of Central Luzon State University, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

JOED E. CABALLERO, RAAMAH C. ROSALES, ANTHONY S. ILANO, LEA B. COLITA, JAY LORD I. ESTIL AND ANNABELL A. ALIMPOLOS - Coral recruitment rate and fish aggregation in Pandong Bato Puente, Carmen, Cebu, Philippines

AURFELI D. NIETES AND  INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR. - Reproductive biology of Nymphaea pubescens Willd. (Nymphaeaceae)

DOMELSON A. BALANGEN, MELCHOR S. CATONES, JANE M. BAYENG AND JONES T. NAPALDET - Floral diversity of Intek River in Tuba, Benguet, Northern Philippines

VENUS DR. RAGASA, PAUL HENRIC P. GOJO CRUZ, MA. JOHANNA J. DE DIOS, VIRGINIA M. VENTURINA, DIANE SHIELA C. CASTILLO - Diversity of bats in agro-ecotourism farm of Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines and its ectoparasitic fauna


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FRETZELJANE O. OLOR-POGADO AND EMMANUEL RYAN C. DE CHAVEZ,  Diversity and community assembly patterns of gastropods in island and fringing mangrove forests in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

MARICEL A. GURON, GIDEON NARVAEZ, JOANNA I. ALAFAG AND JONES T. NAPALDET, The plant diversity of Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail in Cordillera Central Range, Philippines: an insight on the effect of ecotourism in a secondary forest

INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR, MARNE G. ORIGENES AND REN DIVIEN OBENA, Conservation status of native mangrove species in the Philippines

JENNIFER C. PALTIYAN-BUGTONG, CLEEFERSHEL P. KILIGTO, SHAIRA SHANE D. CAJIGAN, JUDY O. AGTARAP AND JONES T. NAPALDET, Floral diversity of the remnant mossy forest patches in Atok, Benguet, Northern Philippines

ADRIAN USATÎI, DUMITRU BULAT, NADEJDA USATÎI and NICOLAE ȘAPTEFRAȚI, The impact of climate change and anthropic influence on fish populations

NICOLAE ONEA, The distribution of charadriiformes along the Brăila sector of the Danube River and in the Salt Lakes of the Brăila Plain (România)

GEORGIANA PAPURICĂ, Contributions to the knowledge of vegetation from Brăila Salt Lake Area (România)


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BATANI RUTH S., BASBAS ANDREW JR. V., LONCIO RHEA S. and NAPALDET JONES T. , Riparian vegetation of Palina river in Kibungan,  Benguet, Northern Philippines

SERGEY FILIPENKO, DINU BOGATYJ and MIHAIL MUSTYA, The zoobenthos and the production potential of benthophagous fish from the Iagorlîc Reserve and Dubăsari and Cuciurgan Reservoir Lakes

JERBY ANNE M. BASILIO and INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR. , Pontederia Crassipes Mart. (Pontederiaceae): Its biology and socio-ecological impacts in the Philippines

GERWIN T. ALCALDE AND INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR., Mikania Micrantha Kunth (Asteraceae) as a potential invasive in terrestrial and wetland ecosystems

KAREN A. BALLADA AND INOCENCIO E. BUOT JR., A survey of weeds along a tributary of the Chico River system in Suyo, Ilocos Sur, Northern Luzon, Philippines

IGNA G. SALVADOR, FRETZELJANE O. POGADO and EMMANUEL RYAN C. DE CHAVEZ, Assessing the impact of boardwalks to gastropod diversity in selected mangroves of Southern Luzon and Mindoro, Philippines






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